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APMC Market in Vashi

Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) is a marketing board established by a state government in India.

The biggest wholesale market of city, located in Navi Mumbai (Vashi) famous for all kind of fruits, vegetable and spices etc. This is the first place where all the products are unloaded daily imported to city from other locations, and so is the cheapest market for any fruits and vegetables if purchased in bulk wholesale quantity (Retail Not Allowed Here). Generally the big suppliers and retailers purchase products from here daily in early morning time, which is available for sale in local markets and hawkers by morning 6:00 Am to 7:00 Am and reaches you at the retail price.

The agricultural produce market covers all of 170 acres. There are a staggering 3700 go downs, 1500 commercial blocks, 4 large auction halls, 2 giant warehouses, and 5 large wholesale market yards. Apart from this, there are big processing centers - a vapour heat treatment plant, ripening facilities, cold storage facilities, an export facilitation centre and so on.

It is a  vast new exciting trading town, where trucks trundled in with every conceivable type of agricultural produce from the country. There are hundreds of farmers, in their white Gandhi-topis. There were many women too, in their traditional Maharashtrian sarees. There were literally thousands of workers, transporting bags of produce. The website of the market committee, this is Asia's largest regulated market for agricultural produce.

There are five different markets.

  •    Masala Market.
  •    Foodgrains Market
  •    "kanda-batata market" - The Onion and Potato Market,
  •    Fruit Market and
  •    Vegetable Market.

Over 12000 tons of agri-commodities arrive daily into this market. The product is sold by auction and the prices are noted and managed by the Mumbai Agricultural Produce Market Committee. It is the committee's responsibility to ensure that sales do not take place below the minimum price fixed by the government. They are also responsible for ensuring fair measurement and weighing, and fair charges for labor.

Lets have a look regarding all types of  wholesale market in details as follows.

Fruit Market

Many of hotels, or export import vehicles carry vegetables in wholesale during early mornings. Numerous trucks from distinctive ranges of Maharashtra like Nasik, Pune, Sangli, Satara and a lot of people come here. In gigantic forms you may come across Mango, Strawberry, Watermelon, Grapes, Anjeer, Kharbooj, Papai, Chikkus and Many more apples and oranges. You can additionally purchase all these diverse sorts of foods in wholesale rates in this business. On Sundays, this Fruit  wholesale market is closed.

Fish market

After the fruit market, the next stop was the fish market. The fish sold here looked like it had been freshly caught.

Vegetable market

Next to the fish market there was a small vegetable market. Check out the colorful photos. On Sundays, this vegetable  wholesale market is closed.

Many of hotels, or export import vehicles carry vegetables in wholesale during early mornings. Numerous trucks from distinctive ranges of Maharashtra like Nasik, Pune, Sangli, Satara and a lot of people come here.

Numerous vegetables such as cauliflower, fresh leafy vegetables, tomatoes, potatoes, onions etc are readily available and bought fresh from farms for sale.

Masala Market

The Masala Gully Section of this market is famous for variety of food spices available in best and cheapest rates.  The flavor of food actually comes from these combinations of spices like Red Chillies, Turmeric, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Kabab Chini, Black Pepper, Jeera, Choti Saunf, Saffron, Cloves etc. Along with flavor, this things have good health benefits too. Tons of quantity are purchased by Kirana Stores (Local spice stores near home) as and when required and are stored in Go down (Mass Storage Place) and sold daily to citizens.

Food Grain Market or Dana Market

This Market  is where trading in food grains (rice, wheat) and pulses takes place. Other name for this is Dana Market. On Sundays, this Food grain wholesale market is closed. There are around 35 varieties of wheat available in the wholesale market.

APMC market kanda-batata market

IN APMC market kanda-batata market" - The Onion and Potato Market is the biggest market.On a normal working day, 200 truck loads of onion and potato arrive at Vashi APMC yard. But on Saturday, only 135 trucks arrived.

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